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December 2012

KJN wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year

Coljazz are  relocating to the Anchorins Rugby Club, Darland Ave,  Gillingham, Kent on  March 15.

Derek Nash All Stars

With Derek on saxes. Neil Angiles (keys) Phil Scragg ( bass), Derby Todd (dms) Winston Rollins (bone)  & Gary Plumley (saxes).

Derek won the best new CD in the British Jazz Awards. With his Acoustic Qt  ‘Joyriding’ ‘.Released on Jazzizit’  JITCD 1156


So What?

> The great thing about jazz is its flexible nature. Its definition can be extended to encompass most kinds of improvised music. I've tried to explore as much of that as possible in my life, and, given the (nonetheless welcome) restraints of a large family and job have found myself, as a guitarist drawn to blues, funk, folk, african music and most styles of jazz. Having had no regular gigging band since july 2011 and realising I didn't get out to see my heroes perform I've been trying to get them to come to me instead by starting my own So What Promotions venture which includes all of these 'jazz' artists. Its tougher than you think organising and executing an event in a hired venue - the toughest part being getting enough people to pay to get in to make it financially worthwhile, but the pleasure of seeing great artistsnever diminishes, and when it makes a profit its doubly exciting! One great spin-off is that I've met more musicians and done some of the un payed support slots myself. I may be back on the road soon with a groovy blue-note style quintet. And as for the future of jazz in Kent - there are small jams and venues opening attracting all ages, and occasionally some brave soul brings big artists down from London and the like to stretch our horizons ... Here comes the plug ...

Look out for Gilad Atzmon, Sura Susso and more in the new year.

> Yours, Angus Rorison


An appeal from Chris Hodgkins, Director of Jazz Services


Sadly, Jazz Services has had to endure hefty funding cuts in recent times, and we are not alone; jazz promoters up and the country are feeling the pinch. This means that there's suddenly a lot less money to pass around to promoters and musicians. Inevitably, this will lead to gigs being cut, venues becoming harder to create and sustain and musicians being unable to come and play for you because they simply can't afford to.

As jazz can no longer rely on traditional funding sources, we're asking for help from one of the most important people in the jazz world - you! We need you to help Jazz Services

Keep Jazz On The Road!

If you make a donation of just £15 directly to Jazz Services (a registered charity) via Gift Aid - you'll be helping to keep jazz happening near you for the price of a round of drinks. We need just 4000 of the UK's 500,000 jazz lovers to do this, so please encourage your friends and fellow listeners to do the same and Keep Jazz On The Road!

You can donate online at or send a cheque

(made payable to Jazz Services Ltd) to Chris Hodgkins  Jazz Services ltd,

132 Southwark Street London SE1 0SW. Telephone 0207 928 9089



Young Lion To Old Tiger

I used to be in a band called “Young Lions- Old Tigers”, I was very proud to have won a British Jazz award for best CD in 2002, and now 10 years later I’ve just won the same award for my CD “Joyriding” by my Acoustic Quartet.   Having survived in this industry for industry for the last 10 years since the very sad loss of USA saxophonist Spike Robinson, my front line partner in that band and one of the last few lyrical, swinging players on the planet, I’m drawn to contemplate my passage from Young Lion to Old Tiger.

I’m still using the lessons of melody, swing, and honesty that Spike taught me, I’m still honouring his flame with the tour of his Tenor Madness Band alongside Alan Barnes and Vasilis Xenopoulos, the new young Lion of the line up, and I’m happy to see new players taking that role, and loving the American Songbook of Standards that Spike and I delighted in.

But what for the future of this music?

I believe it will always have a strong place in people’s hearts and just needs new young players to carry the flame plus a young audience to share the joy of melody and harmony so often missing in contemporary jazz.

I take refuge that people still love and perform, for example, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt and Beethoven, and their music still draws huge audiences, audiences who were not even born until many years after this music was in it’s first heyday.  Vasilis Xenopoulos


So how do we make sure the music I love continues to delight ?

1. Support your local Jazz Club, those promoters take risks with their own money, and devote hours to give you fantastic value and entertainment on your doorstep.

2. Take your children, nephews, nieces, friends and neighbours with you. Nothing stimulates a young mind more than live music played with passion, I’ve seen that spark so many times in unprejudiced minds.

3. Realise Jazz should not be free, yes we love performing it, but consider asking 5 plumbers to come out on a Friday night from 7 till midnight, travel vast distances to get there, and realise that we need to somehow earn an honest crust.

10 years ago Alan Barnes and myself worried about having an audience or industry to work in, yet here we are still hopefully at the top of our game, (Alan yet again got 2 British Jazz awards in 2012), and still loving it!

But the battle to spread the word of Jazz will never end.

So with your support we can make sure that Old Tigers still burn bright in the  jazz clubs of the night.

Derek Nash


 Jazz In Kent

 In 2007 myself and my partner jazz guitarist Phil Robson moved to Kent. We had lived a long time in London and after a day trip to visit Vortex founder David Mossman, who had recently moved to Margate, we decided that it might be a good time to take a break from the big metropolis and relocate to the beautiful Kent coast. I was unaware of the miles of sandy beaches and gorgeous countryside in the Thanet area, so on first sight - I fell in love with this delightful corner of Kent. Needless to say we have to travel back and forth to London and beyond for work but I'm pleased to say that there is a great jazz scene right here in Kent that is growing from strength to strength.  Up the road, Eric Booth has been running Ramsgate Jazz for some years , most recently using the Pegwell Bay hotel. There have also been festivals in Ramsgate & Margate, both of which we have taken part in many times, but now we have started putting gigs on ourselves in The Westcoast bar in Margate. The pub has a fantastic basement club space & is run by Eli Thompson, who is a musician himself with a real love of jazz. We lay the space out in a Westend London jazz club style - candles and flowers on the tables with great food available too. Our aim is to bring top names of UK jazz to this exciting new Margate club. At the moment we are basically putting on one gig a month but who knows where this will go if audiences keep coming. The next is on December 7th & features the great USA, ex Art Blakey tenor sax player, Jean Toussaint who will be playing with the house band with Phil Robson on guitar, Dave Whitford on bass & US drummer Doug Sides. Then jazz again on January 25 - line-up to be announced. Hope to see you there

Warmest regards,  Christine x


Jazz on a winter’s weekend  February 1-3

Steve Waterman’s  Big Band is playing on the opening evening.

His recent CD ‘Buddy Bolden Blew it’ forms the basis of this concert. It is a musical journey through the history of jazz.

Line-up Steve Waterman Tony Armistead, Steve Parry, Clifford Ray,

Graham South (trumpets) Al Wood, Dean Masser, Andy Scott, Mike Hall, Phill Shotton (saxes) Mike Nightingale, Barnaby Dickinson , Simon Lodge, Paul Strachan (trombones) Anthony Kerr (vibes) Alec Dankworth (bass) & Dave Barry (drums)


Great jazz from  New Orleans to contemporary sounds, on the beautiful Dorset coast

The twenty-fourth Swanage Jazz Festival will take place July12-14

Initial bookings include:

Steve Waterman 7, Mark Lockheart “Ellington in Anticipation”,

Arnie Somogyi Scenes in the City, Liane Carroll 3, Alan Barnes,

Greg Abate, Gilad Atzmon OHE and Power Cats 3, Brass Jaw,

Shabaka Hutchings Son of Kemet, Fishwick-Roberts International,  Jean Toussaint, Alan Skidmore

Renato D'Aiello & Charlotte  Glasson –

web site  Information or get  on the mailing list, phone 01929 422215.


Harry’s Page

Out with old, in with new: Looking Year 2013


Coljazz:  Moving to new venue.

Jazz at the Anchorian, Rugby Club, Darland Ave, Gillingham.  Starting their new venue with  a BANG!  March 15, Derek Nash All Stars;

Derek (saxes), Neil Angiles (keys), Phil Scragg ( bass), Derby Todd (dms) Winston Rollins (bone)  & Gary Plumley (saxes).

April 19, Geoff Mason (trombone) Mick Foster (baritone/tnr) John

Horler (keys) Dave Jones (bass) Tristan Maillot (dms)

May 17, Sue Rivers (voc/ Jo Fooks (tnr), rhythm section to be advised.

Rest of Kent

Folkestone J.C.  he Tower Theatre, CT 3HL.

January 19  Digby Fairweather & Julian Marc Stringle Quintet

February 2 Alex Garnett & Willie Garnett Quintet.

Bexley J. C.   The Kings Head

January 28 The Damon Brown Quintet w. Michael Lutziere/baritone - Martin Zenker (bass) Paul Kirby(keys) with drums

February 18, Pete Neighbour(clarinet) Julian Marc Stringle(clarinet/sax voc), Ted Beament Joe Mudele  Peter Cater (dms)

Sevenoaks, The Royal Oak Hotel, TN13 1HY

January 25Dinner Jazz with  Derek Nash 3crse meal+coffee+jazz Box Office: 01793 831333  7.30pm, £26


 Phronesis, (Rare London appearance) Queen Elizabeth Hall, April 5, 2013

Ahmad Jamal w. Reginaid Veal (bass)  Herlin Riley (from New. Orleans)

Manolo Badrenena (percus) Barbican February| 8, 7.30pm


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